Best Google Adwords PPC Services for Astrologers Astrology Website

PPC means pay per click so if you want to run your best pay per click for advertising campaigns for astrology website then you can skype us or you can mail us. As we all know that astrology is the best business which has high demand in India. Even today generation believe in astrology. They read horoscopes, consult numerologists to tell about their future.

But there are a number of astrologers present in India in which all of them has its own website and every one claim that the they are the best and assure them to give the best result. But creating a website is not gonna get your business.

You have to implement online marketing techniques in that in order to get more customers from search engines. But when it comes to get customers instantly form search engines then you don’t forget implementing pay per click marketing techniques. The main benefits of implementing of implementing our PPC services for astrologers are:-

  1.  Instant business reach towards millions of potential customer.
  2.  Set the area according to your own choice.
  3.  Improve online visibility of your website.
  4.  Increase the chance of branding your business instantly.
  5.  Set daily budget according to your business.


There are several types of PPC services that we provide for astrology websites and some are as:-

  •  PPC campaigns management for astrologers in search network.
  •  PPC campaign setup, ad group creation, ad copies creation etc.
  •  Display advertising.
  •  Remarketing and retargating.
  • Landing page optimization and development.
  •  A/B testing.
  • Keyword research.


Top best keywords we used for Google Ad words/Bing/Yahoo /Gemini ads campaign are: Astrology Expert, Astrology specialist, Vashikaran , black magic, kamdev vashikaran, mantar to get ex love back, kundli match, garh dosh nivaaran, get your love.

1. Astrology Services
2. Astrology Services in India
3. Astrology By Name
4. Astrology By D of Birth
5. Jeevandi Astrology Specialist
6. Marriage Astrology Specialist
7. Love Back By vashikaran
8. Remove Black magic
9. Relationship
10. Husband Wife Dispute
11. Intercaste Marriage
12. Get your Girlfriend Back

Seo services for astrology


Our PPC services are best we always present here for your every problem solution.

  •  We provide low cost services.
  • we assure you guaranteed result for your business.
  • Better return on your minimum investment.
  • Good experience with 100% security and 24/7 availability.


Step One:-  Create A Google Ad Words Account

Set up an Account in Google Ad words . It is helpful to read the Adwords begginer’s guide which is located in the help section of website.

Step Two:-  Set Objectives

Objectives are usually measured by how many conversions you receive on your site. A conversion is when someone takes a desired action such a booking a room for night . Set specific goal with real number and real time period. Then you will be able to measure your RIO to see if your campaign is successful or not.

STEP THREE:– Conduct Keyword Research

Do competitive Research
We are leaving in a competitive life now there are many solutions are a problem and they have to choose the one , so we give the most relevant content that can attract everybody you can also go to Google and search on a word or prase that you would like your ad to show up for and see which other hotels are advertising for that keyword.
Group Similar Keywords
Group your keywords based on your services. For example, if you have a keyword list for ‘activities’ you can group together keywords related to ‘vashikaran’ ‘astrology’ etc. Then you can use these keywords when you create your ad groups.

Step four:- Plan Your Campaign Structure and Write Ads

Account:- your account includes your password and billing information.
Campaign:- The campaign is the overall feature you are focusing on i.e. Leisure, Meeting, Spa. Each campaign has its own budget and targeting options.
Ad Group:- The ad group consists of a set of ads and a keyword list that the ad will show for. The ads will show for.